Happy Tummy Timers

Online Course and Monthly Office Hours


Build Your Baby's Body & Brain
with Smiles & Fun

When your baby LOVES moving, playing, and learning on the floor, family life is GOOD! Even if your baby hates tummy time right now, you will have a BIG WIN with this class!


Your confidence will soar when you nail this baby-care task, knowing that you are powerfully shaping the foundations of your baby's body and brain! You'll get:


  • Understanding of why tummy time is essential,

  • Practical tips, tricks, hacks and strategies to make tummy time fun and interactive, and

  • Live support from Wendi every month to answer questions, shift strategies as your baby changes, and achieve success with your Happy Tummy Timer! 


When you understand and implement these strategies, you will KNOW you are providing EXACTLY what your baby needs. And you and baby will thrive! 


"My son hated tummy time and it pained me as a first time mom to see his tears and frustration so I always picked him up quickly. When my son neared the six-month mark, I realized he was falling behind on his milestones. Thankfully I found this tummy time class with Dr. Wendi and she taught me simple techniques to encourage him to prop himself up. It was so helpful and I wish I participated in the tummy time class sooner!"

~ Lisa

Wendi started teaching “Happy Tummy Timers” in her pediatric physical therapy clinic seven years ago. After touching the lives of hundreds of babies and their families in her local community, she is now thrilled to share her signature course with everyone.

"After attending the tummy time class I was excited with all of the new information I had learned. I couldn’t wait to go home and tell my husband everything. My husband and I each grew to favor different tummy time positions and the result was giving him far more tummy time than before. Thank you for your support and knowledge!"

~ Sierra

Ready for smiles and giggles to multiply?
How about more time and space for you?

"We loved the tummy time class. My daughter wasn’t a big fan of laying on her tummy. But after we took the class, things keep improving here and she is happier now. Dr. Wendi is a great instructor! Very gentle and patient with our little ones."

~ Ana

Here's what you get with Happy Tummy Timers.

Demonstrated Instruction

The “Happy Tummy Timers” online course includes eight episodes of instruction (total of 75 minutes). You'll get to see 10 babies, age two weeks to 6.5 months, and moms. You'll see Wendi facilitating, moms practicing, and babies thriving!

Watch it all at once or one episode at a time. Revisit as often as you want to gain more insight as your baby progresses.

What worked today might not tomorrow, and each time you watch, you will have a different takeaway!

Live Office Hours/Masterclass with Wendi

The online course is a fabulous start, but make sure to show up for the monthly live master classes, where you get unprecedented access to Wendi to answer your specific questions and give you insight on how to support your baby as he grows and develops.

Make the most of this precious, fleeting time where you can make a huge impact on your baby's future today!

Wendi has limited space for local babies and will stream live on an interactive platform for those far away.

"Tummy Time can be done on our lap! We have a toddler & I had been avoiding doing time because I didn’t want him to accidentally fall on her."

~ Kira

Gain more peace of mind as you provide what your little one needs to thrive!

Your baby will LOVE being on the floor, which will also give you more time for YOU.

"We struggled with tummy time during my son’s early weeks. In Happy Tummy Timers class, we learned several different positions and modifications to increase our time, and most importantly we learned how to connect, relax, and bond during the time together! Now, thanks to Dr. Wendi, we look forward to tummy time, and our son has gained incredible strength and control. We highly recommend caregivers take this class!"

~ Kathleen
Dr. Wendi McKenna is a daughter, sister, wife, friend, and mother of three incredible, unique beings. As a pediatric doctor of physical therapy, family coach, and founder of Move Play Grow, Wendi helps families have fun from day one.

Wendi merges the science of infant and child development with the art and energy of daily living to support parents to create, trust and live their authentic vision, to connect deeply with themselves and their family, and to love and nurture their babies and children profoundly.

Wendi is growing a community of generous families and professionals who support one another to live our best joyful and fulfilled lives in alignment with our highest calling. There is no relationship more profound than that of parent and child. Wendi is committed to supporting families who want their family to soar.

She loves spending time with her children, letting them show her who they are; growing as a person with her husband by her side; and developing herself and skills as a therapist, educator, coach, martial artist (and belly dancer??) to provide her best to her clients and community. She finds the fun in everything she does.

"We absolutely loved our tummy time class! I learned so much about my baby's development and how to let baby have an easier time with tummy time. I loved how Dr. Wendi was so hands on and my baby loved her <3 Thank you!"

~ Hillary

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