Family FUNdamentals

It Takes a Village


Land Your Love
Decode Your Little's Behavior and Know what to DO!
Take Care of You
Connect Deeply with Those you Love The Most

Know what your child needs

Lean On and Into this Powerful Community

Remain Calm in the Chaos, Family FUNdamentals will help you be calm, confident, and connected so you can have more FUN!

Remain Calm in the Chaos Build Your Confidence, Starting Day One

Find your way back to play, say "yes" more, and have fun from day one.

Listen to, hear, and understand your baby to connect deeply.

Envision and know what you really want to create and live your family dream.

Journey with a community to support, learn, and love together. We were never meant to be alone.

Here's what you get inside the Family FUNdamentals community.

Family FUNdamentals Private Onboarding Vision Call

This is where you create your vision and your family's vision for the life you want to live today.

We meet privately via Zoom video call to tap into your hopes and dreams for you and your family. From experiences to energy to your highest order vision, you get to create your true north that will help guide you through your days.

The future you want for you and your family doesn't need to wait. It gets to start now!

Family FUNdamentals Live Group Training Calls

This is where you get to learn, connect, share, and grow with peers and professionals for a year!

You get three monthly group Zoom video calls facilitated by Wendi and twelve outside child development, personal development, family life, and community professionals. We get to dive deep into the questions that you have about raising your baby and creating the most loving and connected and fun family, so that you can live your vision.

Each month will have a different theme to help you become aware of things you never knew you didn't know, including all the incredible things you are ALREADY doing to create your amazing home!

These calls will put you at peace, knowing that you are enough, that you are strong and capable, and are witnessing the miracle of life as it blossoms before you. With all the humbling challenges and breakdowns as well as the precious, magical moments, you will know you are setting the stage for the life you dream for your family.

Family FUNdamentals Private Facebook Group

This is where you get 24/7 support!

This community holds safe space for generous, open-hearted families who are all journeying this path together. We get to support one another.

You get to post whenever you need, get on live and share something vulnerable, and provide the support, encouragement, and prayers that someone else desperately needs.

This community is your extended family and is available to you whenever you need it. We are all here for one another.

Family FUNdamentals Private 1:1 Coaching Calls

This is where you get to speak privately to me.

I will have times posted on my private Family FUNdamentals scheduler for you to get 15 minute laser coaching (or even just an ear if that is what you need.) I am here for you!

Family FUNdamentals Private Video Library

This is where you get to learn and digest the information or coaching you need to hear, when you need to hear it.

This video library will be organized by age of child and topic. Each video is under five minutes because your time is precious. The library will be stocked when we start and will keep on growing as the questions roll in! So, keep 'em coming!!!

Prioritize FUN in your family today.

Family FUNdamentals Logistics:

  • Onboarding Call: Your onboarding call will be scheduled as soon as you register for the group. The sooner you register, the sooner you get to start practicing!
  • Live Group Training Calls: The monthly phone calls will take place the first three Thursdays of the month. Most calls will be recorded and available to you to listen and revisit.
  • Private FB Group: You will receive an invitation to join the Family FUNdamentals FaceBook group on April 10, 2018.
  • Private Laser Coaching: You will have an opportunity to schedule one 15 minute private coaching session with Wendi per month.
  • Private Video Library: All your questions answered in bite-sized chunks.

Monthly Themes

Let’s PLAY!

How to have from day one.

Who am I? Who is my baby?

How personality, temperament, and sensory systems intersect.

How do you do it all?

Balance and self care and calm...Oh My!

It’s a mess! I’m a mess!

Get organized and create space for your family to connect and thrive.

She drives me CRAZY!

How to deal with sleep issues, tantrums, potty training and all your “favorite” behaviors.

Let’s Move!

How to connect the body AND brain.

I don’t understand WHY!

Break the barrier of communication with love and deep family connection.

What 3 things should I do?

Preparing for what comes tomorrow without losing sight of today.

What’s for dinner?

Feeding your family’s gut and soul.

Am I going to ruin him?

How to let go of perfection and learn to trust.

Where do I go from here?

How to advocate for your child and use your community wisely.

Why is this so hard?

How to surrender without letting go of your vision.

Don't delay; spots are limited!

Wendi McKenna is a daughter, sister, wife, friend, and mother of three incredible, unique beings. As a pediatric doctor of physical therapy, family coach, and founder of Move Play Grow, Wendi helps families have more fun from day one.

Wendi merges the science of infant and child development with the art and energy of daily living to support parents to create, trust and live their authentic vision, to connect deeply with themselves and their family, and to love and nurture their babies and children profoundly.

Wendi is growing a community of generous families and professionals who support one another to live our best joyful and fulfilled lives in alignment with our highest calling. There is no relationship more profound than that of parent and child. Wendi is committed to supporting families who want their children to soar.

She loves spending time with her children, letting them show her who they are; growing as a person with her husband by her side; and developing herself and skills as a therapist, educator, coach, and martial artist to provide her best to her clients and community. She finds the fun in everything she does.

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