Intentional Parenting

A comprehensive 12-week experience for growth-minded parents who want to raise authentically happy, successful kids, and create the family environment you’ve always envisioned.

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I Know You’re Busy, so Let Me Tell You Who This is For…

Intentional Parenting is the only customized parenting program of its type that helps you guide your children with your unique vision and values, strengthening the relationship & deepening the connection for who you and they authentically are. Create a family environment that inspires and empowers, setting you and your kids up for success.


If you're a parent who is tired of yelling at or even resenting your kids, and you’re so over the guilt, shame, and blame that comes along with “falling short” in the never-ending quest to be and do all we can for our kids, welcome.


Whether You’re…

  • Married, divorced, parenting solo, or in a blended family you want to build a home full of love, joy, and peace.


  • Someone who wants to strengthen the connection you have with your kids, whether they are babies, teens, or in-betweens.


  • The parent who loves her kids, will do anything them, but doesn't want to lose herself in the process.


You’re in the right place!


I’m glad you found me and I’m going to show you how Intentional Parenting will impart to you the tools, strategies, and mindsets you need to raise resilient children and create a strong family bond.


Your family is the most important thing in the world to you. It’s time to discover what's possible.

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Hi, I’m Wendi!

I’m a pediatric physical therapist, which is a fancy way of saying I get paid to play with kids all day, and I have been for the past 20 years. Within the last 5 years, I discovered deep leadership and personal development work, and as an unexpected result, became a much better parent. 


I’m here to take my years of clinical experience and marry it with proven leadership and mindset practices so I can raise up the next generation of growth-minded, conscious parents who want to love being a parent and raise kids who make a difference.


I live in San Diego with my husband and 3 children.

At the end of our 12 weeks inside Intentional Parenting, you will:

  • Know how to handle challenging moments, like a child’s outburst, with grace and compassion so you can actually grow closer versus further apart.


  • Release the guilt that comes with trying to keep up with all the other parents and families around you so you can carve a path that works best for your unique family.


  • Discover exactly how to handle the shame that can come along with feeling like you need a break or you resent your child so you can set it aside and become the parent you’re meant to be.


  • Have a clearly defined family mantra, belief statement, and vision that unites parents and kids towards a common goal. One of my clients had hers printed on a huge canvas for her wall!


  • Love your kids deeper, know them better as individuals, and generate a renewed sense of satisfaction and fulfillment from your role as a parent.


  • Truly embody and BELIEVE that you’re an amazing mom or dad, no matter what life might throw at you, (because you are!).

"“We finally found a parenting coach we could hear. Wendi gave us hope and permission to give ourselves grace. Zero guilt and zero shame is her thing, while also giving us “aha moments” and tools that I never would have thought of without her guidance. I am so grateful to this woman. OUR ANGEL!”"

Tara and Phil
Happy Parents

"I'm having so many discoveries about myself and awarenesses that I am shifting through! Things have shifted with my girls and Me! I have a new set of eyes! Your success parenting is so valuable and I am creating so much beauty with me girls. I acknowledge you for leading with love"

Pam Martin
Happy Mamma

Want in?

Schedule a Make a Difference Call with Wendi to explore if Intentional Parenting is your next best step.

What’s Inside

Five Pillars of Intentional Parenting

Create and write your family mantra, purpose and values, which is the roadmap to your family vision.

Result: Handle every moment, even the ugly ones, with anchored commitment to your vision and values.

Allow your child to feel you’re 100% with them. Children end up feeling seen and heard, which translates into "I matter."

Result: Ability to live in the moment with your child and intentionally build the belief they are inherently and unconditionally worthy.

Lead from love rather than fear, and discover how to set yourself up for a win well before the challenge arrives.

Result: Trust the choices you make, even if it looks different than everyone else.

Let your new approaches become a part of your DNA with permission to make mistakes. Give yourself grace and commit to learning and growing.

Result: Ability to make decisions in the moment with confidence, and know-how to handle the hard moments without guilt and shame.

Discover how to live in a state of wonder and curiosity and have fun with your kids again. Play is an energy, not just an activity and you will find out how to unlock it.

Result:  You give yourself permission to let go and go all in. Find moments to give your child ALL THE POWER because play is their superpower.

Here’s What’s Included When You Join Intentional Parenting Today:


  • Twelve (12) weekly, intimate group training and Q&A calls with Wendi to create lasting transformation in your parenting.  We go deep on the calls with impactful homework in between. *All parenting partners are encouraged to attend calls; Neil, Wendi’s husband, is also on calls to create perspective for all. Here's a snapshot of what we dive into: 
    • The 5 Pillars of Intentional Parenting are the foundation framework for all the work we do as parents. 
    • Creating Your Family Vision Statement to guide you in how you show up and what actions you take.
    • Unpacking your kids' (and our) behavior to know what's REALLY going on.
    • The 8 Play Personalities for deep connection FAST and massive growth opportunitites.
    • The Kind AND Firm Parent, so no need to play good-cop/bad-cop. 
    • Infant and child Sensory and Motor Development to know what they really need to thrive.
    • How to handle TRIGGERS...anger, yelling, aggression, power struggles do not need to be the norm
    • Creating powerful parenting partnerships even if not in "agreement."
    • Self care is not selfish.You really can (and must) come first. 
    • ANNND MORE! 


  • Nine (9) 30-minute private coaching sessions with Wendi's certified coaching staff. Work with a single coach to successfully implement new ideas and strategies learned in group calls to make the biggest impact for your family.  


  • Dedicated Voxer Group. A walkie talkie app for immediate communication with the team.


  • Private Facebook Group so you can ask questions and get support from Wendi, coaches and your fellow parents. This is where you have a team of like-minded parents on call to help you through anything that comes up during our time together.


  • Worksheets, tools, resources, and surprises. Each designed to help you implement what you’re learning as we go so you get the best results possible in our time together.

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"“Wendi McKenna has made a life changing impact on me and my family. Wendi is gifted in diving deep into what you want and making that happen with ease and purpose. She sees every person for who they authentically are and encourages them in a way that I’ve never seen anyone do before. She has brought a new outlook to how I see my child in order to bring me peace and acceptance in my parenting journey!” "

Karri and Mike


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